Richard is a freelance illustrator and fine artists from London, currently residing in Mannheim, Germany. He works freelance.

He was educated at Harrow School, after which in 2006, he received an unconditional place at Central Saint Martin’s College in London. He studied a bachelor’s degree course in Graphics Design & Illustration, completing in the class of 2010 when he was awarded B.A. with honours.

He uses a wide range of mediums. He paints in oils and acrylics, sculpts in clay and cardboard, and sketches with fine-liner pens and inks. His style can be described as heavily depressive with some visionary elements depending on the medium he uses.

In his personal work, his common themes present a fascination with death and time. He aims to reflect a complete sense of isolation whilst trying to unlock the beauty of the decrepit. His depicted cities are usually devoid of inhabitants. The entities in his images usually exhibit skeletal features and expressions.

He is heavily inspired by etched storybook Victorian Gothic imagery, 1960s hand drawn Psychedelia, and historic and modern architecture with warped perspectives. Recently he has focused more on painting and sculpting, and lesson graphics design and illustration.

His last exhibition was in Mannheim in 2014 .




More work by Richard can be found at Behance and Elance