I ran some of my artwork through Google Deep Dream...the results are...

..pretty much trippy to say the least.  In case you don't know about it, Google created this program that uses image recognition software, or something, and references thousands of images from a database, or something, and attempts to create a piece of software that can recognise objects and faces, or something. The results are potently psychedelic, somewhat of a Dimethyltryptamine emulator, and it finally answers the decades old question: do computers dream of electric dogs?


Experiments in 3D Modeling

Sketchup is awesome! Especially since I'm a sucker for architecture. Here are some experimental models I made based on a Second Empire style Manor. This tool is incredible for use in perspective drawing.

Painting Evolution

Progression of "Mortal Masquerade" Size: 70X100 Oil on canvas. 

Due to the long drying nature of the medium, everything had to be done at a slower pace. This lead to multiple changes to the planned outcome... I find acrylic paint is much less frustrating..